About me Chelsea Stark

     My name Is Chelsea Stark I am legally blind and was born with optic nerve damage I have tunnel vision and can only see to about two feet in front of me. I use a Nikon camera and a iPhone 6 to take my pictures.
I use the live view to compose the pictures since I cannot see through the viewfinder. Since my field of vision is so narrow and I don’t relate to wide vistas, I photograph close up intimate subjects The things I like to photograph are animals, flowers and some times scenery. I use an Apple Mac, which comes with some great tools such as speech, enlarged screen and oversize mouse pointer. My inspiration comes from my loving fiance’ Robert Park. The more pictures I see of his the more inspired I get. He is also my teacher. I hope one day my pictures are as good as his.

Chelsea Stark 


About Me

Chelsea Stark Blind Photography




iPhone and iPad Apps for the Blind And Visually Impaired 

The History of Apple iPhones

Blind All Around the World
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5 thoughts on “About me Chelsea Stark

  1. I am impressed and encouraged at the same time. I admire your spirit. Thanks for your follow. I will stop by here again, as I follow you.


  2. Chelsea, You are such a beautiful and inspirational woman. Thank you for all that you are doing to raise awareness. God bless you and I hope that you are having a good day today ❤

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  3. I used to get comments on my posts galore. Then all of a sudden NO comments except from a contact form, but not comments that come from the theme itself. I have not changed the theme, so that comments are hid a little bit more. The content HAS NOT CHANGED. Help! Any thoughts? Also, it took, the better part of 2 years to be indexed on Google. I have not tried indexing on Bing and Yahoo, but now that I have been indexed…Help!!


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