Behind the Image; Chip off the old block  By Chelsea Stark Blind photography

Being a blind or visually impaired photographer I tend to use my camera so I can see the area around me. Not that many people think about using the life you function is an aid to see more of their surroundings before photographing. But I have found that has given me a better view and I get more of these interesting shots that most people would not think up or see. This image is a great example of what I was speaking about.
I was on a hike and was told there is a chipmunk on a rock. So I pulled out my camera and turned on the life you and looked around. Suddenly I saw a chipmunk sitting on a rock. I zoomed in and snapped this shot. Once I snapped the shot I went back and looked at the finished image and realize man this turned out really good. Plus I zoomed in and found out that it is super sharp. When I got this into my computer that evening I decided it would it’s best as a black and white.

Here is a snapshot of the settings and camera information for this image.

Being blind I do not fiddle with settings is much is most people would. I tend to work with the auto settings that are in my camera. I have found that I have gotten some great results just using the auto functions for certain times a day and certain subjects. The cameras I have used are a Canon power shot G10, Nikon D 90, pinhole camera, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6 and Sony a 6000. If you want to see more of my images please feel free to go to my Flickr page at


I wrote this post for a project called Vantage Point created by a new camera company called Light. They are aiming to get great quality DSLR shots in a compact camera form


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom By Chelsea Stark Blind photography

Went over to my mothers this week and dropped off her Mother’s Day present. She was so excited to open her present. Believe it or not this Image is one of her favorite photos. Here is a photo of the image hanging on her living room wall. She placed it where everyone could see it when they walk in. I am so happy she loved it. Thank you to Robert Park and Daniel from Nevada Art Printers for making my mom’s Mother’s Day present such a hit.

World fattest bird by Chelsea Stark Blind photography

One summer I was just hanging out at my dads cabin in Duck Creek Utah. It was such nice weather outside. We decided to open up the doors to the back deck and let the fresh air in.  I decided to sit out on the deck with my camera. And see if I can get some interesting photos of birds eating from the feeders.

To my surprise here comes what I would call the worlds fattest bird walking across the deck and eating the bird food that the other birds are throwing out from the bird feeders.
To get this image I had to lay down on the deck nose to nose with the bird. Very happy with the shot that I got. The portal bird was so fat he couldn’t actually fly so he actually jumped down step-by-step off the stairs to get off the deck. I’m assuming that’s also how he got on the deck.

Mother Ship: A pear of Hot Air Balloons  Chelsea Stark Blind photography


I titled this. Image  Mother Ship. I took this photo while I was writing my first hot air balloon. The cool thing was that we were up above a whole bunch of other kinds of hot air balloons. And I got some very interesting shots of the top of multipleHot air balloons. 

By ChelseaStark

A lone Elk hanging out in Yellowstone National Park Chelsea Stark Blind photography


Majestic pose ” Yellowstone National Park

A lone elk hanging out in a field of wild flowers. With the sunlight cascading over it’s back. Elk were once found across much of North America but they were killed off and driven to take refuge in more remote locations. Today they live primarily in western North America, especially in mountainous landscapes such as Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone National Park. Some eastern U.S. states have reintroduced small elk herds into heavily wooded wilderness areas.

Yellowstone National Park

I titled this image “Wildfire”. This image was shot in the Grand Teton National Park. Chelsea Stark Blind photography


wildfire” Grand Teton National Park- ChelseaStark

This is a great shot of a backlit horse. . They always say do not shoot directly into the sun. I know this is a rule but sometimes rules are meant to be bent or broken. This image is a great example of the rule sometimes not applying. I enjoyed this image so much I believe it works as a color and a black and white. Here is the black-and-white and color version. Which one do you like better?

Grand Teton National Park.

Standing alone Chelsea Stark Blind photography

The Yellow Water-lily is an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae, native to temperate regions of Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia.

Hello world my name is Chelsea Stark. Understanding of how photography can be used by blind people.

Chelsea Stark Blind Photography

blogger-image--1910125146 Chelsea with flowers Understanding of how photography can be used by blind people. Blind photography “I think, for me, photography means that I can pause the World around me so I can get a better view. Some key questions people tend to ask me are. What does art mean to me? The best way I can describe it is this saying I found. “Art is not the medium, and art is not the execution; art is the idea.”While this opinion is debatable, it’s one with which I happen to agree with and one that blind photography supports. Where do I find art? Art is every where and all you have to do is look. With the right amount of inspiration and ideas you can make art out of anything. Where do I find inspiration? I find inspiration in! The majestic mountain sides. The animal that stops and looks at you…

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"pink 2 "The Hairy water lily or Pink water-lily (Nymphaea pubescens) is a species of water lily. . By Chelsea Stark Blind photography

“pink 2 “The Hairy water lily or Pink water-lily (Nymphaea pubescens) is a species of water lily. The hairy water lily is found both as a cultivated plant as well as in the wild.

“© Chelsea Stark

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